Soft Tissue Injuries Hip and Groin

Pain in the hip, groin or buttock area in the athlete is complex to diagnose and requires careful examination and investigation to treat accurately and effectively.

Finding the right expert to manage the problem is key. A multi-disciplinary approach is often utilised (e.g. physiotherapist, sports physician, general surgeon, spinal surgeon, radiologist).

The differential diagnosis of hip, groin or buttock pain includes the conditions listed in the Hip Arthroscopy section and hence Mr Patel may be consulted for an opinion.

Some other conditions in this area that may require orthopaedic surgical treatment are:

  • Proximal hamstring injuries/avulsions
  • Rectus femoris avulsions
  • Adductor tendon injuries/avulsions
  • Non-resolving adductor enthesitis
  • Non-resolving osteitis pubis
  • Hip stress fracture
  • Snapping hip syndrome
  • Trochanteric bursitis